7 Best Free ‘Presentation Software’


If you want to grow in this competitive world, you need to stand out. Your presentation skills can help you advance in your career, regardless of whether you’re a student or an employee.

Humans are visual learners, according to research. All AdTech companies, no doubt, are leveraging images in order to increase their chances of winning.


Upgrade your presentation skills if you want people to enjoy your talks. You may require software to help you improve your abilities.

Isn’t it great to know that there are seven great options for free Presentation Software? Using Presentation Software in the year 2022 will help you provide better presentations.

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Presentation Software

With the software, we’ve included a quick introduction. There’s no need to waste time looking around; this list includes some user reviews to guide you in the right direction. Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, and more are included in our list.

1. Google Slides 

Google Slide is an open-source Presentation Software. Make some awesome slides using it. Cloud storage means that you may effortlessly share your work.

Google Slides allows you to make changes to your presentation much more quickly. To make the presentation even more effective, it’s possible to collaborate with your colleagues. To get started, simply create an email with a link.

Slide Design, Presenter Tools, a Template Library, and a Template Creator are just a few of the capabilities this software provides. The use of pre-built templates will simplify your work.

Your presentation can include charts and other visual aids. Autosave mode has been implemented. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your work.

It’s popular because of the amount of cloud storage it offers. Teams may easily share and modify their presentations. However, the file size is limited. When opened in PowerPoint, some users have found that the format has been altered.

2. Microsoft’s PowerPoint

With a Microsoft account, you can use the Microsoft PowerPoint software free of charge. It gives you access to the most basic version of the software for no charge. Online, you can find it. There are a number of excellent slide templates out there.

Slide Design, Presenter Tools, Charts, a Template Library, Autosave, and a Template Creator are just some of the PowerPoint capabilities available. Making a presentation is easy when you have the right tools at your disposal. This app is very user-friendly.

People enjoy using it since it’s simple to use. It’s easy to pick up and utilise for a new user. Other advanced features include animations, YouTube video embedding, audio inserts, and several others. You can produce a well-structured presentation by using all of these tools.

3. Prezi

Prezi has a variety of formats to choose from. Structured in an easy-to-understand manner, it is visually appealing as well. Using this feature, you may present your slides in a way that emphasises the most important elements. Enterprises can benefit from both free and paid solutions.

Prezi has the same wonderful features as any other software. Everything from Slide Design to Charts to Presentation Software to Auto-Save has been included. This software is capable of producing some impressive presentations. Useful templates are available to help you make your presentation even more impressive.

People found it simple and quick to use. It can process many templates, text, charts, and other data in a matter of seconds. Smart features make it difficult to learn at first, but it’s worth the effort in the long run.

4. The Keynote Address

In order to be compatible with both Mac and iOS devices, Keynote was created. It has a lot of useful features for making presentations. It’s simple to use a Mac and an iOS smartphone at the same time.

However, it is compatible with PowerPoint and can be used together. In case, some of the team members are experienced with Microsoft PowerPoint.

It offers you some fantastic features to stand out. Slide Design, Charts, Presenter Tools, Autosave, Template Library, Template Creator, and many more are included in this software.

For iOS users, it’s a noteworthy piece of software. This software allows you to make visually amazing presentations. Additional elements like as charts, text, and photos can also be easily added.

This product’s simplistic design is popular. Your presentation can be enhanced with images, animations, and much more. However, because it was designed exclusively for Mac, other users will be unable to use it.

5. Visme

Visme allows you to build visually appealing presentations and infographics. It has a well-designed user experience.

Visme is simple enough that anyone can use it. They give you 100MB of storage for free. All first-timers will benefit much from it. It contains a slew of features that will help you produce an eye-catching presentation.

Visme’s features include the Reports Interface, Steps to Answer, Dashboards, Slide Design, Charts, and Graphs, for example. Visme is a powerful reporting tool.

Use these tools to make the greatest presentation possible. Use visual aids such as charts and graphs to make your presentation more appealing.

People claim that this software is simple to learn and use. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping. It has a nice user experience and people enjoy using it. The problem is that you can’t access it from your phone. This is the only drawback of this application..

6. Xtensio

Xtensio’s designs are stunning and its content editing tools are top-notch. It will enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. In order to utilise the free version of Xtensio, you are limited to 1MB of storage capacity. Individuals, on the other hand, are the only ones who can use the free version.

Slide Design, Presenter Tools, Template Library, Template Creator, and Charts are some of the Xtensio capabilities. Many of these programmes are very similar to one other.

Using pre-built templates, you may create impressive presentations. Your presentations can also include photos, graphs, and charts to enhance their content.

People have commented on how user-friendly the platform is. Xtensio team is helpful if you are stuck any ware. However, there are only a few template options available with this programme. There is no limit to what you can do with it.

7. A Show by Zoho

There are ten distinct languages available for Zoho Show. It’s the greatest way to work with overseas clients. It also provides you with tools and features that are versatile.

Zoho Show is a breeze to work with. Create a great presentation with features like the Presenter Tools, the Template Library, the Template Creator, and the Charts available. You can use a variety of photos to spruce up your slides.

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A lot of people think it’s fast and easy to use. To make your work easier, it includes a well-thought-out framework. The drawback is that it is hosted in the cloud. It isn’t available for use when connected to the internet.


Finding out which Presentation Software will be the finest in 2022 is an absolute necessity. You’ll be better equipped to advance in your career. These presenting tools should be easier to understand now, thanks to this essay. To create visually attractive presentations, you can experiment with these tools.