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A Married Couple Living in Separate Nyc Apartments

A Married Couple Living in Separate Nyc Apartments

According to a New York-based divorcee, her marriage and career both flourished after she and her spouse moved in separately.

She told Insider that she and her husband, Adnan Akhand, got married when they were both in their twenties but rapidly fell into a rut. The couple has been apart since October and will remain so for at least three years.

A Married Couple Living in Separate Nyc Apartments

A Woman Whose TikTok Video About Splitting Up From Her Husband in New York Went Viral Said that the Split had been Healthy for Their Marriage.

Sana Akhand’s video, published on January 29, and seen more than a million times as of this writing, begins, “We lived together for 6.5 years before deciding to set our own rules and do what works best for us & our love story.”

According to Insider, Sana married Adnan when she was in her twenties, nearly seven years ago. It took a year and three months from the time we had our first kiss till we tied the knot, Sana, who is from South Asia, said. “After graduation, marriage is the expected next step in our culture.”

She claimed at the time that she valued her relationship too highly to risk putting it on hold while she pursued her career. When Sana and Adnan got married, they looked at each other and said, “How much can life change?”

Sana, now 32 years old, explained that they first intended to be anything besides a traditional husband and wife.

“To put it plainly, he was under a lot of financial stress. I was also like, “Since I’m not chipping in equally financially, I’ll take on more of the housewife’s responsibilities.” “as she put it.

When Sana and Adnan Akhand Were Getting Married.

But soon they realised they were falling into traditional husband and wife roles that neither of them wanted, Sana, 32, said.

He was struggling financially. When it comes to finances, “I’m not contributing equally, so let me step into the wife duties of taking care of the house,” she said.

We used to spend less and less time with our friends and on our hobbies as the years went on. Sana, the founder of the Jet Black Social Club and host of the “Make Your Own Rules” podcast, stated that she worked in corporate America to better support her family in New York City.

They have moved 15 minutes apart, keep their money fully separate, spend a few nights a week together for romantic date nights and sleepovers, and are each concentrating on their own professional development.

“We’re so eager to see one other after a long day of work,” she remarked. It used to be, “I had a rough day, leave me alone,” she said.“

Jealousy can arise in a relationship when one or both partners feel ignored or concerned about their partner’s whereabouts and activities.

Last Words

It’s also possible that you’ll drift away over time and find someone to adore who resides closer to home.

“Make sure neither of you is agreeing only to please the other, and be honest about why you want to live apart. They say, “You need to ask yourself if your love is strong enough to last if the two of you have to go your own ways and maintain two separate households.”

Accident on Water Level Road Somerset PA

Accident on Water Level Road Somerset PA

A guy from Rockwood was killed in a collision on Water Level Road on Wednesday, and he was declared dead at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

State police say that an ambulance transported 85-year-old Steve Jordan to Conemaugh hospital after an accident with injuries and entrapment was reported at 3:56 p.m. It was reported that he had passed away at 8:18 p.m. by state police.

Accident on Water Level Road Somerset PA

Authorities say that Ronald Svonavec, 56, of Somerset, was driving east on Water Level Road at an unsafe speed when he collided with Jordan’s vehicle as it turned into Water Level Road from Mud Pike. A third person in Jordan’s car was also restrained by a seatbelt, according to the authorities.

A Young Race Car Driver From Somerset County was Killed in a Single-Car Crash.

After surviving a car tragedy in October, state representative Matt Dowling has returned to work.  Apparently, both Svonavec and the passenger were hurt, but luckily they weren’t seriously hurt. Both cars were in need of towing services.

Officials in Somerset County said the incident occurred at 4 p.m. on Mud Pike and Water Level Road. It has been established by the police that 85-year-old Steve Jordan was hit by a 56-year-old male driver as he was entering the junction in his vehicle. There was a lot of damage done to the vehicles involved in the crash.

All available help was dispatched to the location, including paramedics, firefighters, and many others. Jordan had severe injuries and had to be taken to Conemaugh Hospital immediately. The hospital later confirmed his death. No one knows if there were any further casualties from the collision.

Last Words

Long delays occurred as police cleared the site and the road reopened at the intersection. There is currently no available information. The accident has yet to be fully investigated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s loved ones during this time of loss.

Here in ROCKWOOD, Pennsylvania (WJAC), Updated information about the fatal crash that occurred on Water Level Road in Rockwood on Friday has been released by state police in Somerset.

Microsoft Rivalry Had Cooled. Now Back

Microsoft Rivalry Had Cooled. Now Back

In November, actor John Hodgman appeared against a white backdrop in a virtual product introduction for Apple’s Mac relaunch, wearing a geeky, ill-fitting suit. Recalling the popular Mac vs. PC television commercials from a decade ago, which didn’t hide the fact that Apple was cool and Microsoft wasn’t, he remarked, “Stop, hang on, wait, one more thing, hi, I’m a PC.”

Microsoft Rivalry Had Cooled. Now Back

Microsoft Rivalry Had Cooled

The purpose of the gathering was to inform Mac faithful that the latest models would feature a more powerful processor. The implication, however, was clear: Apple’s longstanding rivalry with Microsoft had returned.

The two businesses had discovered common ground and worked together for some time. Apps from Microsoft, including Office, started showing up on the iPad and iPhone, and the company was even invited to a product launch by Apple. Microsoft made its products compatible with the Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard, and Apple just made it easier to utilise Xbox game controllers on Apple devices. Apple even released its TV app for Xbox last October.

However, at the time that the PC character made a comeback, Microsoft began badmouthing Apple to regulators, claiming that Apple’s App Store was anti-competitive. The Redmond, Washington software titan had sided with Epic Games, which was suing Apple for removing its Fornite game from the App Store and accusing the iPhone maker of monopolistic behaviour. The trial, now in its second week, has seen testimony from a Microsoft executive who testified against Apple, claiming that the latter’s strict regulation of the App Store had negatively affected Microsoft’s own gaming operations.

Apple and Microsoft Want to be at the Forefront of the Next Big Technological Developments

Conflict is expected to continue even after a verdict is reached because both Apple and Microsoft want to be at the forefront of the next big technological developments, including as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, gaming, tablets, customised processors, and mixed-reality headsets.

Apple and Microsoft’s rekindled animosity dates back about a year. Microsoft’s xCloud was a cloud gaming service designed for iOS devices. Customers would pay Microsoft a monthly fee and use a single app to get dozens of games via cloud streaming. It was hoped that the service would transform Apple devices into a more potent gaming platform supported by Xbox, one of the most well-known names in the market, in the same way that Netflix did for film.

Last Words

Because Microsoft was unable to convince Apple to change its policy prohibiting unified gaming services from being sold through the App Store, the service was never released in its intended form. At first, Microsoft was prohibited from releasing any cloud-based video games.

However, Apple made adjustments to the underlying framework only a few months after public discussion of the potential restriction on streaming apps became available to the public. Microsoft is able to introduce a cloud gaming service, but users will have to download each game separately, undercutting the convenience of a unified offering. Instead of releasing an iOS app, Microsoft is now making the service available online for Apple devices.

Kansas Jayhawks Secure Spot in Mens Basketball National Final …

Kansas Jayhawks Secure Spot in Mens Basketball National Final ...

NEW ORLEANS — Even after two years, Bill Self has no idea how his Kansas team would have fared had they been able to play in the NCAA tournament that year instead of having their season cut short by COVID-19.

Kansas Jayhawks Secure Spot

Those 2019-20 Jayhawks finished 28-3 and won their last 16 games of the regular season before the NCAA tournament was cancelled for the first time in the history of the sport. Self honoured that squad during Saturday night’s 81-65 triumph over Villanova on Saturday night in the Final Four at the Superdome and stated the Jayhawks will be playing in the national title game for them, too.

Kansas Jayhawks Secure Spot in Mens Basketball National Final ...

“I think it does have added importance to myself and the guys because there’s no assurances in this tournament,” Self said Saturday. “A lot of times, the favourites don’t win, certainly. In contrast, we had a strong enough squad to make a playoff push in [2019-20]. We were really good defensively. Moreover, we finished scoring at a satisfactory level. I believed that was probably as prepared a team to go well in the tournament as any we’ve had.”

Ochai Agbaji and David McCormack were both members of the 2019–20 squad that would have been a No. 1 seed in the 2020 NCAA tournament and had a chance to win Self his second title.

Both Agbaji (12 of his 21) and McCormack (11) had scored double digits before the 9:28 mark of the first half on Saturday, outscoring Villanova’s total of 11.

In the Elite Eight, Villanova’s guard Justin Moore tore his Achilles, and his absence from the starting lineup was noticeable. Kansas scored the first 10 points of the game, and the Jayhawks also converted seven of their first 13 3-point tries, finishing 13-of-24 (54 percent) for the game.

McCormack’s size and muscle gave Villanova problems in the paint, while Agbaji and his colleagues quickly went hot from the outside. The Jayhawks jumped out to early leads of 10-0, 16-5, 26-11, and 38-19 before a 10-0 run by Villanova narrowed the gap to 10.

Last Words

“We were saying in the Elite Eight, ‘We come to Kansas for huge games, but you don’t come to Kansas to play the Elite Eight.'” The statement from Braun. “Then, after we’ve already won the Final Four game, we declare, “We didn’t come to Kansas to win the Final Four; we came to win the national title.” We’re all thinking that way. This is why everyone is urging us to have “just one more” before we emerge from the tunnel. This is the general consensus among players on the court. ‘Just one more,’ it seems the general consensus is for more.”

What is The Only Arrowhead That May be Used For Big Game Hunting

What is The Only Arrowhead That May be Used For Big Game Hunting

A hunting arrow fitted with a broadhead has a large, cutting tip assembly that protrudes in all directions. Compared to a conventional arrowhead which is narrow, a broadhead offers far higher killing power which is crucial for hunting huge animals. Choosing the right archery broadhead for the job based on a set of hunting criteria can seem like an impossible task, given the wide number of available broadheads and blade combinations.

Even if you’ve been shooting broadheads for a while, it’s still worth checking out the newest models, since each year brings improvements in cutting accuracy, flight variety, and strike stability.

What is The Only Arrowhead That May be Used For Big Game Hunting

There are two distinct kinds of broadheads, distinguished by their construction and the number of cutting edges they have. The two most common types of broadheads are those with fixed blades and those with mechanical blades. Within these broad classifications, other varieties or subgroups can be discovered. Different designs also contain qualities like cut-on-contact blades on the tip.

Fixed-Blade Heads

Fixed-blade broadheads are known as grand-daddy arrowheads who are good at piercing. Yet, you have to trade-off the precision.

Accordingly, these broadheads come with blades that are solidly secured in place to improve their durability and hitting strength. Additionally, two or four razors are located on the side of the blades to provide an instantaneous slash.

In contrast, the accuracy is what the fixed-blade broadheads to be complained about. Because they fly as the fieldheads, the fixed-blade broadheads often sail off course from your aiming animals.

The good news is that many modern fixed-blade heads feature design advances that make them more aerodynamic and excellently-fielded.

Mechanically-Operated Arrowheads

Otherwises, you can go for mechanical broadheads that have blood trails, good cutting, and accurate flying. Yet, the depth perception is unreliable.

In specific, the mechanical broadheads are generally compactly bullet-shaped to fly rapidly and straightly while they still cut surface on impact. Normally, they feature two for three folded blades against the head shaft. The mechanical broadheads therefore have a small possibility of ejecting during flight.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note the drawbacks as well. These broadheads aren’t very sturdy, so they might bend if they make contact with the bone the wrong way. As a result, the blades can fail to deploy correctly on contact. This means the mechanical broadheads can be used in a single shot.

You can save yourself the cost of a new headset thanks to the easily accessible and inexpensive replacement blades included on most modern mechanical heads.

In Summary, This is The Only Arrowhead You Need When Hunting Big Game.

When hunting large game, only the broad head style of arrowhead may be used. Broadheads are meant to maximise damage, so they should never be used on small animals or varmints because their objective is not to kill swiftly but rather to induce as much tissue and organ harm as possible.

Broad heads come in a variety of sizes, so you may tailor your arrows and bow to the specific size of the animal you’re hoping to bring down. A sharp arrowhead is a great alternative to a spear or gun if you want to go hunting without putting the prey through unnecessary pain.

Which Actor Took his Name From a Street That Leads Up to The Gates of Paramount Studios?

Which Actor Took his Name From a Street That Leads Up to The Gates of Paramount Studios?

On November 3, 1921, in the town of Charles Dennis Buchinsky, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America, the world was introduced to Charles Bronson. He was born to a Lithuanian mother and a father who was a refugee. In addition, Charles Bronson was the oldest of fourteen children.

Which Actor Took his Name From a Street That Leads Up to The Gates of Paramount Studios?

Which Actor was Given the Moniker of the Street That Ends at the Entrance to The Paramount Lot?

We hope that this post helps clear up any confusion you may have about this topic.

Paramount Studios is responsible for the creation of many successful movies, including “Titanic,” “Iron Man,” and the “Transformers” trilogy. One of the most recognisable symbols of Hollywood is the Bronson Gate at Paramount Pictures’ Los Angeles location. At the corner of Melrose Avenue and Bronson Street is the Bronson Gate of the Paramount Pictures studios, which served as an inspiration to him.

Charles Buchinsky, better known as Charles Bronson, was born in the coal-mining community of Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania. He changed his name to honour Joe McCarthy. Bronson’s family was enormous, to say the least; he was the eleventh of fifteen children born to Lithuanian immigrants. There was no money in Charles’s family. One of his sister’s outgrown school uniforms was all his mother could afford to purchase him. Bronson, however, entered the mines at the tender age of 16 and hasn’t looked back since.

How then did the Real Charles Buchinsky End Up Being Transformed into the Fictional Charles Bronson?

He first appeared on screen as Charles Buchinsky in films like You’re in the Navy Now with Gary Cooper and House of Wax with Vincent Price, in which he played the deaf-mute villain Igor. Buchinsky changed his name to something that sounded less Eastern European and less potentially Communist when Senator Joe McCarthy intensified the Communist witch hunt in the 1950s. Bronson was renamed from Buchinsky, who was originally Charles.

Last Words

Paramount Studios is responsible for popular films such as “Titanic,” “Iron Man” and the “Transformers” franchise. One of the most iconic structures in Hollywood is the Bronson Gate at Paramount Pictures’ lot in Los Angeles. Once upon a time, a young actor by the name of Charles Buchinski decided to adopt the more marketable stage name of Charles Bronson after being inspired by this gate. There are rumours that he was inspired by the Bronson Gate at the Paramount Pictures studios on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Bronson Street.

If You Screen Record Someone’s Instagram Story

If You Screen Record Someone's Instagram Story

We’ve all been there—a crush or an old buddy posts something on Instagram that is just too tasty to not preserve. If you want to remember it, you should probably screen record it now because it will be gone in 24 hours.

You may be worried that they will be informed if a screenshot or recording is made, as this is the case on other sites with time-limited stories such as Snapchat. That’s why it makes perfect sense to think twice before pressing the screen record button. Olivia, 19, tells Bustle that she worries the person she has feelings for would believe she is gay if she records their story on her phone.

If You Screen Record Someone's Instagram Story

Do you have to Save Someone’s Instagram Story to Your Computer Forever?

Keep reading to find out the exact scenarios in which that person might learn. The Instagram DM services are an exception to this rule. Here, and only here, will you be notified when a screenshot is taken. Take a conversation you’ve been having with a certain person as an example. You need to capture this exchange in a screenshot. Take extreme caution! Taking a screenshot of one of these direct messages triggers an alert. Creep warning! But it’s all right, really.

Everyone here can relate to that feeling. The recipient may deliver the images in a way that deletes them from their system quickly after they’re viewed. (How I wish that was the mentality of their posts!) Take a screenshot of the image to ensure its survival. On the other hand, you now know that doing so triggers notifications. You should probably rethink capturing screenshots.

However, After the Latest Update, Instagram will no Longer Alert its Users to These Kinds of Actions.

The best aspect of recording someone else’s tale is that you can do it without worrying that they will find out you did it. There is currently no method for users to be alerted within the Instagram app whenever their stories are being recorded.

Your Instagram app will only show you who has seen your stories, not who has recorded them. If you want to record direct messages on Instagram, you’ll need to do so in order to activate this function.

An additional feature was added to Instagram in 2018. Users were able to receive alerts whenever their tale was being recorded. That’s why there’s still some confusion about whether or not Instagram will let you know when you record a screencast of a story. Don’t worry; that revision is obsolete and out of circulation.


When you need to screen record a tale immediately but can’t, you can find yourself in a bind. Taking a screenshot or recording someone’s screen might cause a lot of trouble. But you can stop feeling this way now.

All your questions and concerns on this matter have been addressed. As a bonus, we’ve shown you how to take screenshots without raising any suspicion. In other words, you should definitely check them out!

Christopher And Stephanie Go Big Show Why Did They Leave

Christopher And Stephanie Go Big Show Why Did They Leave

Does anyone know the identity of the Go-Big Show’s blonde judge? October of 2017 in Rhodes. The American city of Charlotte, North Carolina. American city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

As a result, I don’t understand why all of the Go-Big Show judges dress the same. Since we don’t get to watch the contestants’ presentations in the same order as the judges do, they have to dress consistently to give the impression that they are.

Christopher And Stephanie Go Big Show Why Did They Leave

Production of Go-Big Show is under underway at the Macon Coliseum, where contestants and personnel are following rigorous Covid-19 safety standards and are isolated from the outside world.

Why doesn’t Snoop Dogg appear on Go-Big Show?

It was claimed by Deadline that judge Snoop Dogg had dropped out of the second season of the “Go-Big Show” owing to the age-old excuse of schedule issues.  If you watched Go-Big Show, who did you root for in the first season? The Big Show” Tomas Garcilazo came up on top.

A few of the judges were moved to tears by the performance. Neither Snoop Dogg nor Cody could find any fault with the performance, calling it “amazing” and “excellent,” respectively. Tomas received a perfect score of 97 from the panel of judges, making him the winner of Go-Big Show and the beneficiary of the main prize of $100,000.

Is There a Reason Why Snoop No Longer Appears on Go-Big Show?

It was claimed by Deadline that judge Snoop Dogg had dropped out of the show owing to the age-old excuse of scheduling issues shortly after the news broke that season two of “The Go-Big Show” had been revived.

The Judges on Go-Big Show All Seem to be Dressed Identically; Why is that?

She admitted that “another learning curve” was “the clothing I wore during the presentation.” Shine, the production company informed me that we must all dress identically during filming so that the pitches may be combined to create a harmonious whole for each episode.

The Winner of the Inaugural Season of “Go Big or Go Home” is.

A few of the judges were moved to tears by the performance. Snoop Dogg referred to it as a “fantastic performance,” and Cody deemed it “excellent.” Tomas scored a 97 out of 100 from the panel of judges, earning him first place in the Go-Big Show competition and the big prize of $100,000.

Is it True That The Go-Big Show Exists?

The GO-BIG SHOW is a variety show with outlandish acts. Performers can be anything from a full-fledged circus performance to a magician to a stunt performer to someone who can just do one really bizarre trick. Short performances by each contestant are judged by a panel of judges as they compete for the approval of a drive-in audience.

Does anyone know the identity of the Go-Big Show’s blonde judge? In addition to his wrestling career, he has appeared as a judge on the show Go-Big Show and as a co-star on the reality show Rhodes to the Top with his wife Brandi.

Barbra Streisands Cutest Family Moments With Her Grandkids

Barbra Streisands Cutest Family Moments With Her Grandkids

Barbra Streisand’s stepson Josh Brolin has four children: Eden Brolin, Chapel Grace Brolin, Trevor Brolin, and Westlyn Reign Brolin. In honour of her 80th birthday on April 24, Streisand is showing off her grandparental side.

Barbra Streisands Cutest Family Moments

Obviously, Barbra Streisand is a very proud granny. She posted this adorable photo of her granddaughter Westlyn to Instagram in March of 2020, mentioning that she, like Streisand’s son Jason Gould, had “hat” as one of her first words.


Barbra Streisand values her family time more than anything else. Jodie Foster and her husband, James Brolin, have a large blended family that they love dearly. Pictures of their cute grandchildren will make you smile.

The Grammy winner tied the knot with Elliott Gould in 1963. In 1966, the couple gave birth to their son, Jason Gould. It was finalised in 1971, but Barbra and Elliott’s marriage had already ended. Soon after, she met James through a mutual friend and fell in love with him all over again.

Last Words

She described the couple’s blind date in an interview with W Magazine published in November 2016. I met him at a dinner, and while I was expecting a rugged, bearded mountain man, he turned out to be clean-shaven. Who messed with your hair? I questioned. He told me that was the moment he realised he loved me. Unusually, my dude like hearing the whole truth. Thanks for reading our article Barbra Streisands Cutest Family Moments With Her Grandkids. Continue reading and have a good day.

Alphabet Losing $215 Billion in Market Value This Month


Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, has lost roughly 13% of its value, or $237 billion, in April as nervous investors have dumped growth companies due to concerns that inflation will lead to larger and faster rate hikes.

Despite all the uncertainty, one thing has remained constant: the analysts’ optimism, with 54 of them covering the stock and not a single one recommending a sell or hold. Amazon.com Inc., formerly the highest-rated tech juggernaut, now has one hold and one sell rating to counter its 57 buy ratings, a profile that no other megacap can match.

Alphabet Losing $215 Billion in Market Value This Month

Losing $215 Billion

There are various factors contributing to their unwavering confidence. While trading at a discount to Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (FAANG), analysts expect the internet giant to report stronger revenue growth this year.

Projected rise in sales of 18% may reassure investors wary about big tech’s shaky growth credentials. Those numbers are lower than the predicted growth rates of 8.3% and 14.6% for Apple and Amazon, respectively, that Bloomberg has compiled. Brokers expect 10.4% growth across the S&P 500 Index as a whole.

On Tuesday, following the closing bell, shares of Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL.O and Microsoft Corp.’s MSFT.O dropped 2.7% and 2.2%, respectively. They will be among the 33% of S&P 500 companies reporting earnings this week.

According to StockCharts.com’s senior specialised investigator Julius de Kempenaer, “given the image of the market (now), presuming any of these IT organisations disclose earnings that are below expectations, it very well may be extraordinarily perilous because the disadvantage is delicate.”

“Even if they announce remarkably good results, I don’t think it will be enough to swing the market around,” he said.

Global growth worries, stoked by China’s COVID-19 inspections, the Ukraine crisis, and harsh strategy fixing by the Fed, weighed heavily on the market notwithstanding certain income wonderful spots.

At the same time as Washington and its allies met to pledge the heavy weaponry Kyiv needed to achieve victory, Russia accused NATO of making a true bet of atomic conflict by equipping Ukraine in an interim fight. Read on for the whole enthralling tale

Last Words

One day after agreeing to give itself to Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk, Twitter’s share price plummeted 1.8%, while Tesla’s share price tumbled 7.8%.

Since March of 2020, Alphabet stock has never been cheaper than its current valuation of less than 19 times earnings projections. Apple’s competitors Microsoft Corp. and Amazon each command a 27x premium above its price, and Amazon is priced at a 40x premium. We see the Nasdaq 100 Index around 23 right now.