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Glee Actress Kristin Chenoweth Announces Engagement To …

Glee Actress Kristin Chenoweth Announces Engagement To ...

Kristin Chenoweth, a star on Broadway, is engaged. Vogue reports that the musician Josh Bryant proposed to the actress earlier this week at the famous Rainbow Room. They began dating in 2018, after meeting in 2016.

The staff at Broadway World is Pleased to Offer Our Best Wishes to The Newlyweds.

Kristin Chenoweth is an actress, singer, and singer-actor who has been honoured with multiple awards, including the Emmy and the Tony. As of 2015, Chenoweth proudly displays her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. As a result of her work in “Pushing Daisies,” she was named the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy winner in 2009.

Glee Actress Kristin Chenoweth Announces Engagement To ...

Kristin Chenoweth, who rose to fame as Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway, accepted an engagement ring with three diamonds.

The heroine of “Pushing Up Daisy” confirmed the revelation to Vogue, saying: “The bride who escaped her wedding is me. I won’t release him now that I’ve located him. At the altar, I shall run to meet him.”

On this Josh elaborated: “The one person I’ve ever truly wanted as a friend and a partner in life said yes to me. Kristin is the centre of my universe, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.”

The two were introduced at the 2016 wedding of Chenoweth’s niece, when Bryant’s band Backroad Anthem was the entertainment.

Chenoweth and her future husband reconnected in August of 2018 when the band was booked to perform at her nephew’s wedding.

In 2020, the Wicked star and her musician partner became even closer while quarantined in New York City at the outbreak of the epidemic. They spent their time together bonding and making TikTok videos.

“We managed to be creative and still have a nice time,” Chenoweth told PEOPLE in an earlier interview. “There is a 14-year age gap between my partner and me. I’m good at TikTok because of this. First of all, I had no idea what TikTok was, and second, I wasn’t very interested in trying it out. With his instruction, I found that I really enjoy using TikTok.”

In a subsequent statement, she elaborated “You can’t be with someone all the time, so he and I both had some solo strolls. You have stated the truth. Yet we found a way to make it function.”

Last Words

In a November 2020 interview with Us, Chenoweth admitted, “I guess I maybe had a weeping moment.” And I asked, “Are you ever going to? Asking, “Are you going to break up with me? Since we spent every waking moment together. That says a lot about the strength of our friendship. In the meantime, he grasped my hand. A few times I even held his, and we were always there for one another. Really, that’s all there is to it.

Chenoweth had gushed over her boyfriend for months before to the epidemic, referring to him as “her rock.”

Kansas Football Vs. Texas Jayhawks Top Longhorns 57-56 In …

Kansas Football Vs. Texas Jayhawks Top Longhorns 57-56 In ...

AUSTIN — The 2021 Big 12 regular season for Kansas football continued on Saturday with a road game against Texas. The Jayhawks had recently lost at home against Kansas State. Texas had just suffered an away defeat against Iowa State. Both teams were desperate to break losing streaks of significant length.

Did Kansas’ Lance Leipold Get his First Big 12 Win as Head Coach?

For the Jayhawks, who started at quarterback, Jason Bean or Jalon Daniels? Have other Big 12 teams handled Kansas as well as Texas did this year?

Kansas Football Vs. Texas Jayhawks Top Longhorns 57-56 In ...

On their first possession in overtime, Texas scored a touchdown and added the extra point to take a 56-49 lead. The vehicle’s drive to the end zone was rather trouble-free. To make matters worse for Texas, a penalty after the touchdown moved the starting line for Kansas’s ensuing drive to halfway between the goal posts. After scoring a touchdown, the Jayhawks attempted and successfully completed a two-point convert.

Kansas Stunning Comeback

A one-point victory for Kansas proved to be a stunning comeback as quarterback Jalon Daniels connected with tight end Jared Casey following a stoppage to discuss strategy.

Kansas’ victory in Austin was their first ever and their 76 points were their biggest since scoring 76 against Nebraska in 2007.

“I couldn’t be happier for our men,” Leipold exclaimed. So much has been put onto them. They fought, and they continued trusting in our plans. We lost the advantage but resolved to play our best for the whole 60 minutes. We exceeded expectations. I think this is a great foundation for us to continue to build upon, and I am extremely pleased with them.

While carrying the ball 24 times, Neal carried for 143 yards and three touchdowns, contributing to the victory. Aside from his two catches for 26 yards, one of which went for a score, he also caught a pass for 19 yards. To win his first game of the season, Daniels passed for 202 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

From the first kickoff, the Jayhawks played inspired football against the Longhorns. Kansas drove 75 yards in 13 plays on their opening drive, capping up the drive with a 3-yard touchdown run by Neal. The drive took 7 minutes and 2 seconds.

That loss devastated Texas and stunned college football fans across the country.

However, true freshman wide receiver Xavier Worthy has been a bright spot for Steve Sarkisian’s squad. The lightning quick wide receiver extended his record-setting season with 14 receptions for 152 yards and three scores in the win over Kansas. Worthy now holds the freshman record for both receiving touchdowns and receiving yards.

Last Words

In the first overtime period, Texas received the ball and eventually scored on a scoop-and-stretch touchdown reception by Marcus Washington. However, the Jayhawks’ Devin Neal scored on a 2-yard run after taking advantage of the short field created by the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Although Daniels deserves all the credit for Kansas’ victory, redshirt freshman fullback Jared Casey should not be forgotten as the recipient of the game-winning throw on the last 2-point convert. In fact, it was his sole catch in four years at Kansas. His bio page at Kansas did not include any statistics.

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

Right-wing media outlets expressed shock and outrage after the shooting of Republican baseball players by a homeless supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Alex Jones’s conspiracy website Infowars has claimed that prominent Democrats are behind this assault.

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

The article claimed that Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and former Obama administration attorney general Loretta Lynch were among “a stunning collection of calls to violence and murder from the intolerant, unhinged leftists in the Democrat party, mainstream media, Hollywood, and the spider web of interwoven organisations and cabals like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have effectively transformed into domestic terrorists in Trump’s America.”

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

U.S. Senate Democrats’ Facebook page featured a video in which Loretta Lynch appeared to encourage the Trump Resistance movement to follow in the footsteps of previous movements by “marching, bleeding, and dying.” Their caption read, “If you need to hear some words of inspiration tonight, take a moment for our friend, former Attorney General, Loretta E. Lynch:” I must also thank my lovely spouse, who has supported all of my decisions and goals. His love and support are more valuable to me than anything else in the world.

My thanks also go out to everyone I’ve worked with and became friends with over my time here at the department, in the Eastern District of New York, and beyond. The tens of thousands of people, many of whom I have never met, who have shown their support throughout this process also deserve my deepest gratitude. Please know how much it meant to me when folks along the way—in my sorority, in other Greek organizations, in churches, in classrooms, and even on the street—stopped to say a few words of encouragement.

I appreciate everything, and I’m excited to be rejoining the fantastic team at the Department of Justice. Once previously from the Eastern District of New York, and again today, I have the honour of standing beside you.

Last Words

She continued: “To be fair, adapting to new circumstances is challenging, and policing in the United States is undergoing significant transformation. Nonetheless, I continue to think our efforts have been productive.”

Does Maria Die in West Side Story

Does Maria Die in West Side Story

It’s not in the cards for Tony and Maria to have a future together, and if you’ve read Romeo and Juliet, you probably already know how this story ends. For revenge on the Jets, Anita sends Tony a fake message alleging that Maria was murdered. Anguished Tony orders Chino to take his life as well, and Chino complies. Pass out the Kleenex, and try to contain your tears before they flood the lobby.

Similar to how Romeo and Juliet ends, with Juliet pretending to die and Romeo taking his own life because he doesn’t grasp the message. When Juliet finally comes to, she finds him dead, and she dies with him this time. However, Maria pulls through.

Does Maria Die in West Side Story

Is Riff Killed Off at the End of West Side Story?

To put it simply, yeah. When Bernardo, the head of the Sharks, stabs Riff, the leader of the Jets and Tony’s best friend, it sets off the events of West Side Story. Riff was stabbed to death by Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks, Maria’s older brother and Anita’s boyfriend.

After a fight breaks out between the Jets and the Sharks, Riff dies in the middle of a musical. Riff purchases a gun before the battle with the intention of using it to kill Bernardo. Once he drops the gun, however, both Riff and Bernardo reach for switchblades, and Bernardo eventually stabs Riff to death in the chest. In both the 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story and the original Broadway production, Riff dies. Mercutio, Romeo’s best friend and the victim of a sword duel with Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, serves as the inspiration for Riff.

Tony, inconsolable after being told falsely that Maria has been murdered by Chino, walks the streets, calling out for Chino to kill him as well. When he spots her across the playground, walking over to meet him, he realises she is still alive. He forgets his anguish and races to her, but as they approach, Chino appears at the same time, shooting and murdering Tony.

Within Maria’s Embrace, Tony Passes Away.

Maria, now a widow, blames everyone who died on the mutual hatred between the Sharks and the Jets. The Jets and the Sharks put their differences aside, if only temporarily, to remove Tony’s body from the building. The police are taking Chino away in a car.

You’ll be moved to tears and smiles by the passion and love displayed in West Side Story, a musical drama. Like the sad story of Romeo and Juliet, Maria and Tony’s story ends tragically. Maria’s life will be irreparably changed by the gang war between the Sharks and the Jets. See how it destroyed Maria’s life and happiness.

Last Words

She could have followed Tony’s lead and taken her own life, but instead she threatens the members of the opposing gangs with the gun and begs them to end their fight. Her brother and her girlfriend were both killed in the pointless fighting between the two gangs, and she would rather not make the same mistake twice. Maria, in her misery, is still alive in the film’s final shots.

How Does it Feel to Live My Dream

How Does it Feel to Live My Dream
How Does it Feel to Live My Dream

A video of TikToker Lexi Grasty responding to a clip of a woman promoting her Hooters getup by yelling, “how does it feel to realise my dream?” and screaming loudly in her automobile went viral, hence the title. In October 2022, after being reuploaded by another user, the video’s audio gained popularity and became an Original Sound. It’s a common way to vent frustration when someone else is living the good life while you’re stuck in a rut.


TikToker @lexiiivlogs_ disproved the stereotype that Hooters waitresses all have low self-esteem in a June 23rd, 2022 video titled “Stitching TikToker @kathrynhammett’s video” (shown below). Grasty can be heard screaming in her car, “how does it feel to live my dream?! “, hinting that working at Hooters is her ultimate goal. Over the course of four months, the video received over 1.1 million views.

How Does it Feel to Live My Dream

I’ve settled into a wonderful shared apartment in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, where I work two jobs and never go hungry. I also frequently send a percentage of my income to my parents, who live far away. My overhead costs require that I work even while most others are napping. Sundays and holidays are when I get to work at my second job. The only times I get to truly relax are during sleep and when I visit my folks for extended weekends.

Last Words

That’s the deal if you want to achieve your goals, though. You need the ability to push and improve yourself. You need to make the most of your time by being productive as much as possible, pausing only for brief periods of rest.

What Character Did Jossara Jinaro Play On ER

What Character Did Jossara Jinaro Play On ER

Actress Jossara Jinaro, who was featured on shows like ER, The Young and the Restless, and Judging Amy, died on April 27, 2022, following a fight with cancer. She lived to be 48 years old and then passed away.

Jinaro’s husband said on her Facebook, “With deep grief, I announce the departure of my wife, Jossara Jinaro, on this date, April 27, 2022. Jossara bravely overcame her cancer and returned home to be with her loved ones.

What Character Did Jossara Jinaro Play On ER

After her mother married a politician in Rio de Janeiro, Jossara and her family relocated to Colombia, and then to the United States, when her stepfather was taken hostage by insurgents. Jossara was born in 1973.

As Whom Did ER’s Jossara Jinaro Act?

Jossara, originally from Brazil, was born and raised in Colombia before she and her family emigrated to the United States. She made her acting debut at 16 and has since been on ER and Judging Amy, among others. She was Nurse Andrea Clemente in the popular show.

Rather than starting out as an actress, she went on to write and direct films.

A post from her husband, Matt Bogado, who posted a photo of the family, revealed that Jinaro Jossara had passed away on Wednesday. He said the actress lost her lengthy fight with cancer that day.

Actor Jake O’Flaherty wrote on Facebook, “She blessed everyone she met, and I will remember her skill, beauty, kindness, and generosity for the rest of my life.”

Last Words

Cancer of Unknown Main is an extremely rare disease in which the primary tumour site cannot be determined; this was Jinaro’s diagnosis in 2021, according to a GoFundMe page. On New Year’s Eve of that year, in her last Facebook post, she said, “I feel loved and cared for by all my friends and family.”

Tiktok of a Dad Dancing With His Family’s 23-Year-Old Nanny

Tiktok of a Dad Dancing With His Family's 23-Year-Old Nanny

Concern has been expressed over a viral TikTok video depicting a father and his family’s nanny, both of whom are 23 years old, reenacting a moment from Dirty Dancing.

The mother of the children she watches caught nanny Lizzie Norton dancing with the children’s father, Andrew. They were making an attempt to recreate the iconic sequence from the 1987 film that takes place in a lift.

Tiktok of a Dad Dancing With His Family's 23-Year-Old Nanny

The Aug. 3 TikTok video shows Norton and Andrew desperately trying to help each other but ultimately failing. Andrew’s wife, Rachel, may be heard chuckling in the background. Rachel replies, “You thumbed her boobs,” and Norton exclaims, “Oh my god, I’ve never done that before.”

Video Earned Over 8.6 Million Views

The video earned over 8.6 million views on Rachel’s TikTok account, which has over 110,000 followers and covers life with her husband, two children, and nanny.

There are several accusations made in the video’s comments section that Andrew may be “grooming” Norton because of their age gap and the power balance between them.

Rachel’s TikTok account, where she talks about her husband, two kids, and the nanny under the handle @raypo3, is where the video first became viral. Her “Dirty Dancing” video has been seen by 7.2 million people, and she has roughly 95,000 subscribers. The TikTok video has been seen over 5 million times after being shared by an account named “The Best Loved Nanny,” which provides tips and topics for debate for those interested in becoming babysitters.

The creator of “The Best Loved Nanny,” Michele Garza, responded to the clip with a second video in which she stressed the need of nannies “modelling good conduct” with their employers. “Nothing seems to have gone wrong with the video, in my opinion. As for me, I feel that the lines are starting to blur “the blogger claims to have seen in the post.

Husband Andrew is seen in the video tape cuddling with their nanny, Lizzie Norton, who he is seen hoisting up by the waist. They switch partners and start laughing as Lizzie tries to do a Dirty Dancing-style lift on Andrew.

Off-screen, Rachel exclaims, “You touched her boobs!” to which Andrew sarcastically responds, “I know, I know.”

Rachel, 34, Defended The “Innocent” Behaviour, Saying That Lizzie is Like Family.

Then she said, “This is what happens… when dad returns home before the nanny departs.”

After film of a father dancing with his children’s babysitter, who is 23 years old, leaked online, the father’s “sultry dance” actions were called “grounds for divorce.”

There’s a video of a dad named Andrew getting hoisted up by the nanny on TikTok, and then he picks her up by the waist and they embrace.

Rachel, Andrew’s wife and the mother of their two young sons, posted a video of herself performing a Dirty Dancing-inspired performance with the comment “the nanny-dad content no one asked for.”

Last Words

Rachel published a few images from her oldest son’s birthday party on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Lizzie’s photos in her safari outfit also made the cut.

“Damn. I just spent an hour watching the most recent batch of 15 videos. It’s the tea, of course! Wow, look at those feedbacks! At this point, I can’t decide what to trust. Since I have a vested interest, “remarked @johnnyqqq on Twitter.

Oklahoma State Vs. Baylor Football Five Takeaways From Cowboys …

Oklahoma State Vs. Baylor Football Five Takeaways From Cowboys ...

SPRING, Texas — ARLINGTON, Texas It was a matter of millimetres. Dezmon Jackson, a rushing back for Oklahoma State, was stopped just short of the end zone pylon, ending the Cowboys’ amazing season.

On Saturday at AT&T Stadium, Baylor defeated the Dallas Cowboys 21-16 to win the Big 12 title. The Cowboys had a chance to overcome quarterback Spencer Sanders’ four interceptions, but they failed on fourth down from the one yard line in the last minute.

Oklahoma State Vs. Baylor Football Five Takeaways From Cowboys ...

The Cowboys’ Inability to Score in the Red Zone was Just as Fatal as the Four Interceptions.

On their previous possession, while behind by only two points (21-13), OSU drove to within a point of scoring but were ultimately forced to settle for a field goal.

A pass interference call in the end zone gave the Cowboys first and goal at the 1 in the dying seconds. Jackson made a last-ditch effort to score on a run to the corner, but OSU stopped him on two run plays and an incomplete pass on third down.

It’s been ten years, but the good memories of OSU’s 2011 campaign have more than outweighed the bad.

Analysis of Oklahoma State’s football game against Baylor: The Cowboys’ defence was superb once again.

Warren and Martin Both Hit the Century Mark Once More.

Warren rushed for more than 100 yards for the third straight week, and his team needed every yard of it. On only 37 carries, Warren gained 128 yards and scored twice.

Additionally, receiver Tay Martin achieved triple digits for the third time this season, in each of the three full games he has played. Martin finished with 108 yards on seven catches, including a number of outstanding plays near the sideline that kept OSU drives alive.

Spencer Sanders, a Tasmanian devil, provides the Ohio State Buckeyes a chance at a magical season in football. Despite Baylor’s best efforts, Oklahoma State’s Jaylen Warren has continued his crazy rushing performance for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys jumped out to an early lead, defeating Baylor 34-22 at halftime despite the Bears’ dismal 25.8 percent shooting. In the second half, Baylor came back and had two opportunities to win or tie in the final 35 seconds. A pair of errors by Adam Flagler ultimately cost them.

The Dawn of a New Age

Non-Oklahoma school has been at the top of the Big 12 since 2014. The Bears’ victory on Saturday gave them their third Big 12 title since the league’s inception in 1996, tying them with Texas for second place.

Notably, Texas and Oklahoma will be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC in the near future, leaving only Baylor as a current Big 12 member with multiple outright championships. As a new era begins in the league, Baylor is establishing itself.

With Dave Aranda at the helm for a second year, Baylor has a chance to start over in the Big 12 if they can win the conference title. The Bears will be among the best teams in the new 12-team Big 12 conference.

Who is The IG Model Suing Drake

Who is The IG Model Suing Drake

A model who posts on Instagram has claimed that Drake overdid it during their latest love meeting, which took place at the rapper’s hotel. The model alleges that Aubrey Drake Graham, a self-proclaimed Certified Lover Boy, killed his sperm by placing a packet of hot sauce in a used condom.

After he threw the condom away, she went and tried to use it to get pregnant in the bathroom, where she was alone. If you want to know what Drake has to say about the Instagram model’s allegations, keep reading.

Who is The IG Model Suing Drake

The Instagram star finally spoke out and elaborated on her first statement. The Canadian rap artist then went on to state that not much occurred. He was overheard telling the subject, “You may have your 15 minutes of fame…” All other 23 hours and 45 minutes are mine.

In response to the Instagram model’s allegations, Drake has denied them. On the other hand, it appears to have occurred when he unexpectedly fathered a son, Adonis, with French painter Sophie Brussaux.

It has been Reported That an Instagram Model is Suing Drake.

Apparently, an Instagram model and Drake hit it off in direct messages (DMs) on the social media platform. Later, after meeting up at a party, they retired to Drizzy’s hotel room for the night. The artist made it crystal clear that he wanted to make sure their interaction was entirely voluntary.

Before they got personal, Drake went to the bathroom to put on a condom, and thereafter, he went back to the toilet to throw it away.

It’s at this point that things start to get strange. Once the model was finished with Drake in the bedroom, she allegedly went to the bathroom and poured the contents of the condom into her genitalia.

Drake ran into the bathroom after she screamed that she was feeling a scorching sensation and he went in to see what was wrong. The artist then lied to the model and said he had thrown a packet of hot sauce into the rubber to kill the sperm in case she tried to get pregnant by him.

According to MTO News, the Instagram model is now attempting to sue Drake for “booby-trapping” the condom, and she has even posted photos of her inflamed nether regions to Twitter as proof. It should be noted that the veracity of the tale is still up for debate, and the Instagram model has not been revealed.

The Certified Lover Boy singer has previously been linked to Johanna Leia, a well-known model and reality star. The couple’s date at a deserted Dodger Stadium became viral after the rapper posted photos of them on Instagram.

In addition to Kylie Jenner and Bella Harris, rumours have claimed that he dated fellow musicians Jorja Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna.

The Hot Sauce Condom Story Involving Drake is Completely Absurd and Unbelievable.

The thought of attempting finesse Drake has filed a child support modification. The old “bag” is simply untied and emptied into this location. Infuriated, they decide to seek legal redress.

What Gear to Use When Driving Uphill Automatic

What Gear to Use When Driving Uphill Automatic

Whether you took Kennon Road or Marcos Highway, you’ll never forget your first trip to Baguio. For new drivers, learning to navigate steep inclines is a milestone.

There are a few things you need to know before attempting to drive uphill. Essential driving techniques, including some that are similar to downhill driving, are included to ensure your safety on such roads. So, in that light, here are some suggestions for driving an automatic vehicle uphill.

What Gear to Use When Driving Uphill Automatic

Go into Second Gear

Vehicles with automatic transmissions are programmed to shift gears without the driver’s input. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re stuck driving up a slope. Why? This is because it takes a lot of pulling power or engine strength to successfully ascend a hilly route. To do this, put your car into a low gear, which is indicated by the letter D on the gear shift lever (D1, D2, or D3). Some automatic vehicles designate these gears as L, 2, and 3.

You haven’t been driving incorrectly, but this knowledge could make a steep hill more manageable. Automatic drivers facing an incline have the option of selecting D1, D2, or D3 to increase engine speed. Your car will have considerably less of a time making it up the hill now.

In most automatic vehicles, raising the gear is as simple as moving the shifter. Once you’ve reached the peak of the hill, downshift to a lower gear for a more comfortable ride back down. Be exceedingly cautious about shifting into park or reverse while driving; doing so can cause serious mechanical failure.

Put It In Low Gear

Driving up and down hills using low gears (1-3 on a manual, L and 2 on an automatic). Using a low gear offers you more power and allows you to keep the same pace as you ascend. It slows you down when going downhill to save wear on your brakes.

You should know how to utilise the paddle shifter if you drive a modern automatic car. In case you’re not familiar, an automatic car’s paddle shifter is a small lever located on the steering wheel. Having this aid makes manual gear shifting easier for drivers.

Uphill driving can be made easier with a paddle shifter by manually shifting through the gears. Of course, if the route is steep, you’ll still need to shift down into a lower gear.

Last Words

Most new vehicles with automatic transmissions also feature paddle shifters and a feature called “hill assist.” When driving up a steep incline, this function helps to keep the vehicle from rolling backward. For three seconds, whether you push the brake pedal or not, the system will apply the brakes automatically.

On the other hand, you may want to use the hill-assist function if you’re going to be driving up a steep hill. If you do that, you won’t have any trouble getting your automobile up the hill.