NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Chair Tom Burnett Explains …

NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Chair Tom Burnett Explains ...

On Selection Sunday, Rutgers was the most divisive team among those still alive in the tournament. The 77th-ranked team in the nation according to the NET created history by qualifying for the NCAA tournament.

Tom Burnett, commissioner of the Southland Conference and the man in charge of the selection committee, did the rounds after the bracket was revealed. Burnett was a guest on Matt Norlander’s Eye on College Basketball show, where Norlander specifically questioned him on the decision to add Rutgers.

NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Chair Tom Burnett Explains ...

Remarkable Achievements and Devastating Failures.

Here’s what they had to say about the Scarlet Knights in their conversation. Norlander said, “Dayton narrowly misses out because you have Richmond obtain an automatic qualifying there. Additionally, Rutgers University will participate.

Those squads’ histories share some parallels, including both remarkable achievements and devastating failures. I don’t see why Rutgers is ranked higher than Dayton. Many teams apparently failed to make the final cut.

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Inquiry About Whether Or Not The Bracket Was Changed

Can you comment on the range of applications received and whether or not there was much debate? Tom who has a variety of great qualities but ultimately failed to make the cut. A statement from the chair of the NCAA selection committee .

Tom Burnett responded candidly to a follow-up inquiry about whether or not the bracket was changed after the last conference championships concluded on Sunday. According to Burnett, “we had to look at around 10 different possibilities by the time we got into bracketing today.”

More In-Depth Look At The NCAA Tournament Selection Process

Thus, the committee had to examine ten separate seed lists and brackets. And of course, the one we released tonight required us to sift through all of the findings from today in order to gather the last few data points we needed to finish the process.

With this article, Burnett provides a more in-depth look at the NCAA Tournament selection process and reveals one manner in which the job has been easier over his time in the role.

This Week Finally Seems To Be The Week!

According to Burnett, “it’s been tremendously useful to have a larger committee, as we’ve discussed in the past.” There has been a lot more press about our conferences, and I believe it has helped the process.

It’s been established that our group places a premium on returning to business as usual with a national competition. We’ve been itching to hit the road, and this week finally seems to be the week!

Before anything else, let me tell you that Gonzaga and Auburn are very close in the committee room “The statement was made by Burnett. “A lengthy dialogue between these two teams is, if anything, razor thin.

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They’re near together in proximity but separated by vastly different options. It’s the same way with Auburn and Arizona; the margin of error there is little as well. Their potential No. 2 seed status has sparked much debate.

Perhaps more room between Iowa State and Kansas at the No. 4 spot, but otherwise a strong candidate for the top seed.


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