Nathan And Holly Too Hot To Handle

Nathan And Holly Too Hot To Handle

After the filming was done, the two had a hard time spending time together, and they eventually announced their breakup in January of 2022. Holly said that she and Nathan “stuck a pin in things” since she was too busy with schoolwork.

During their January 2022 reunion, the champions of Season 3 announced that they had broken up after the show. They said that physical separation was the main reason for the breakup, although they’re still very good friends.

Nathan And Holly Too Hot To Handle

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Since series 3 ended over a year ago, many viewers have wondered if the couple is still together; they have now given the clearest indication yet.

In the short time since the new season premiered on Netflix, Nathan has taken to Instagram to ostensibly confirm that he and Holly are still together.

Even though he didn’t come straight out and name Holly his girlfriend, the photos of the two of them together show that they are very much in love.

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Nathan Posted a Series of Images to his Social Media Showing him and Holly Kissing and Smiling on a Speedboat.

Given that Nathan has tagged the photos as having been taken in Turks and Caicos, the setting for Too Hot to Handle, it’s safe to assume that they were taken either a year ago while the couple was still filming the programme or shortly afterward.

However, there appears to be something more going on than meets the eye, at least according to social media. Nathan has posted multiple photos to Instagram showing the couple canoodling in exotic settings. When Holly said, “I’ll never get accustomed to how tall you are,” he said, “can’t wait to make new ones.”

While it appears that they are still trying to figure things out, several comments on those posts and others across both of their Instagram profiles have accused the two of acting for publicity. Their relationship status is probably best described as “it’s tricky,” regardless of the specifics.

Holly told Us Weekly, “I feel like sometimes you just know — like, it’s really hard for me to pinpoint one thing” when asked what it was about Nathan that first caught her eye. On top of being absolutely gorgeous, he’s also a fantastic leader.

There was just this sense of, like, I don’t know — I just saw him, and he has this wonderful personality and is so intelligent. A comparison to magnets is the closest analogy I can think of to express my feelings for him.

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Last Words

After wrapping up production for Too Hot to Handle, Nathan told Capital FM that he and Lolly had reconnected at least once in London.

She arrived to London, we did our thing, and we had a blast on and off set. We put a halt on things only because of COVID so that I could come to the States to see her, but we’ll see where we are this year. I’ll be returning to London on Monday; I expect to see her then.

“Me and Nathan, we have a great tale, I mean, he’s an incredible man and I’m just so happy that out of all the experiences, we have an incredible season,” Holly continued.