Journalist Tricked Republicans into Retweeting Picture of Jfks Killer

Journalist Tricked Republicans into Retweeting Picture of Jfks Killer

Ken Klippenstein, a journalist, duped famous Republicans like Congressman Matt Gaetz, Matt Schlapp, and Dinesh D’Souza into retweeting a military photo of President John F. Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, on Memorial Day.

The national security reporter Klippenstein of The Intercept sent the guys a tweet requesting, under false pretenses, that they retweet a military image of Oswald.

Journalist Tricked Republicans into Retweeting Picture of Jfks Killer

Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell

The journalist is well-known for his trolling on Twitter and has previously engaged in an online feud with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk over an old photo of Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Epstein’s.

“My grandpa is a huge supporter of yours and a soldier; he would be honoured if you would RT this photo of him in honour of Memorial Day. Observe him here, a young Private First Class “Klippenstein posted a picture of Oswald in uniform along with a tweet.

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In the description, Gaetz included an American flag emoji, and Schlapp replied, “Wow @kenklippenstein, on this day when we mourn a veteran’s dead comrades, it is an honour to retweet his photo. My prayers are with your granddad.”

Republicans’ gullibility was a target of ridicule on Twitter. Conversely, conservative commentator Candace Owens considered the tweets to be abhorrent.

“Having a heart and some basic morals is not a sign of being “politically correct.” Don’t forget: these brave guys gave their lives (most of them on foreign soil) so that you might live in freedom “Owens communicated with Klippenstein via tweet. You don’t put cold-blooded killers in their uniforms in Photoshop just for fun.

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Last Words

Many Twitter users were quick to point out that the photo Republicans were retweeting was really Oswald’s military portrait from before the killing of JFK and was therefore not Photoshopped at all.

Klippenstein tweeted, with images of their conversation, “I think I made Candace Owens short circuit hahaha.”