Jarring Narrative Emerges In Manhattan Street Shove Death As …

Jarring Narrative Emerges In Manhattan Street Shove Death As ...

New York City police have arrested 26-year-old Lauren Pazienza for the fatal street shove attack on Manhattan resident Barbara Gustern on March 10. Pazienza is now facing assault charges in connection with the incident.

Five days after that, the 87-year-old voice teacher had passed away. After the attack on the sidewalk, a witness carried Gustern into the building lobby, where she informed police that the shove was “as hard as she had ever been hit in her life” before she passed out and Pazienza turned himself in on Tuesday.

Jarring Narrative Emerges In Manhattan Street Shove Death As ...

A Disturbing Tale Of The Fatal Manhattan Street Attack.

Prosecutors cite security footage showing that she remained in the vicinity for over 20 minutes following the alleged assault. While the defence attorney for the 26-year-old woman arrested in the nationally watched case urges no rush to judgement.

A disturbing tale of the fatal Manhattan street attack on a beloved 87-year-old voice coach and its aftermath is beginning to emerge. Attorney Arthur Aidala says his team is “anxiously awaiting” discovery from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

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“Unprovoked And Senseless” Attack.

In the case of Lauren Pazienza, who was charged with murder in what police called a “unprovoked and senseless” attack. Aidala said that she and her loved ones “join the rest of the city” in mourning Barbara Gustern’s passing.

On March 10, Gustern, an esteemed 87-year-old singing coach, was fatally injured when he was assaulted from behind on a Manhattan sidewalk. Pazienza turned himself in to the police yesterday and was detained on manslaughter and assault charges.

Prosecutors Claim Pazienza Removed All Traces Of Her Internet Existence

As of Wednesday morning, she was still in detention, but she may be released by the end of the week. After evading police for over two weeks while they tried to identify the woman seen on surveillance, she turned herself in to authorities a day ago, with Aidala by her side.

After the assault on the Chelsea sidewalk near West 28th Street and Eighth Avenue, prosecutors claim Pazienza removed all traces of her internet existence, including her wedding website, even though the wedding was still scheduled for June.

And A Shocking Storyline Started To Take Shape.

Prosecutors say she hid at her aunt’s house and ceased using her cellphone after running away to her parents’ home in Port Jefferson, Long Island. The NYPD showed up at Pazienza’s parents’ door on March 21 after receiving an anonymous tip identifying her as the attacker on March 19.

Prosecutors say her father answered the door and told police that his daughter was not at home and that they could not enter. Within a short time, plans were made for her to surrender. And a shocking storyline started to take shape.

Thoughtless  Killing.

After tracking down the suspect to her parents’ Long Island home, police charged her with manslaughter for her “unprovoked” and “thoughtless” killing. Erica Byfield of NBC in New York has the details.

Prosecutors claim that the attack occurred at 8:30 p.m. on the night of the incident, when Gustern was only a few feet from her home, and that Pazienza crossed the street, cursed at her, and then pushed her to the ground. Gustern fell and smashed his head on the ground.

After That, The Assailant Briskly Walked Away.

A witness assisted Gustern, who was bleeding heavily, into the building’s lobby, where she described the incident and told police that the shove had been “as hard as she had ever been hit in her life.” At the hospital, she later passed out. She passed away after five days.

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Prosecutors cite further security footage showing Pazienza in the vicinity for nearly half an hour after the attack. Seven minutes after the shove, she was allegedly involved in a physical argument with the man she was engaged to.

Further, they claim that Pazienza observed the arrival of the ambulance that would transport Gustern to the hospital.