Is Patrick From Schitt’s Creek Gay in Real Life

Is Patrick From Schitt's Creek Gay in Real Life

Playing David Rose’s love interest Patrick on Schitt’s Creek, the Netflix comedy that swept the world, Reid won the hearts of gays and lesbians everywhere.

The sitcom concluded in April after six seasons, and Reid, who identifies as straight, has stated he never felt pressure to portray his character in a certain way due to his sexuality.

Is Patrick From Schitt's Creek Gay in Real Life

Reid told the Irish Independent, “I agree with it on many scores” in reference to the ongoing discussion around heterosexual actors playing LGBT characters. Additionally, I think Patrick is just a guy who is drawn to another dude.

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What About Noah Reid, is He Gay?

In the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, Noah Reid played Patrick Brewer, David Rose’s romantic interest. Since then, many of the actor’s devoted followers have come to believe that he, too, is gay in real life, much like his character’s out-and-proud counterpart, Dan Levy.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that this is the case with Noah Reid. Fans hoping Noah Reid is gay will be disappointed to learn he is not.

From what we know about him, it is safe to assume that Noah Reid is a heterosexual guy.


Noah Reid got his start in the business as a voice actor. Noah voiced the title character Franklin on the animated series Franklin from 1997 until 2004.

Franklin’s primary character, Tommy Settergren, was voiced by Reid that same year. As a voice actor, he worked on shows including Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993–1999), Bad Dog (1998–2000), and Babar:

The King of the Elephants (2001). Additionally, Noah provided his voice for Gunther Breech in Jane and the Dragon.

A model for future TV series?

Scott feels that the representation of LGBT couples on TV is improving. “Back then, ten years ago, it was done in a way that was considered quite unconventional and even controversial. However, the public at large is now better represented than ever before.”

“Audiences appreciate it when they see a little bit of themselves mirrored on screen,” she said, “and I think we’re still seeing gaps in which people who are a member of our community aren’t seeing their situations reflected.”

It’s been said that some programmes include LGBT characters or themes “in a tokenistic sense, with a discreet gay hint or reference.”

According to a recent study, “having a favourable image on TV lessens the stigma and makes people become more sensitive and understanding.”

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Last Words

In Eliza’s opinion, other shows should follow Schitt’s Creek’s lead in depicting a gay couple in a positive light.

For the simple reason that it ought to be acknowledged as the standard.