I ve Looked At This For 5 Hours Now

I ve Looked At This For 5 Hours Now

Parks and Recreation star Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) utters the classic line, “It’s Beautiful I’ve Looked At This For Five Hours Now,” in the 2009 series.

It is used as a reply image to an accompanying caption or screenshot.

I ve Looked At This For 5 Hours Now

Typically when the meme’s author responds favourably to the remark or screenshot. When used as a sarcastic jab, the reaction might refer to someone or something in the context of an announcement or piece of artwork.

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Parks and Recreation’s “The Camel” episode, which aired on November 12th, 2009, is the source of the meme’s inspiration. Tom Haverford admires a piece of abstract art in a specific location depicted.

The Pawnee council has decided to replace the town hall’s “Spirit of Pawnee” mural during the closing credits scene. Leslie Knope is motivated to win the challenge after each department is asked to identify a successor.

As a last resort, Tom hires an artist to create a painting for him, and although though he initially disapproves of the piece, he eventually comes to appreciate it and exclaim, “It’s wonderful.” “I’ve been staring at this painting for five hours now,” he says as he settles on a chair.


One of the earliest examples of the scene being utilised as a meme comes from September 7th, 2015, when user ExoticHatred uploaded a gallery of memes, including a screenshot of a Tumblr post featuring the reaction. Using Tineye’s reverse image search, we can see that the reaction picture was first uploaded to the site in May 2015, but has since been deleted.

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A Tumblr post dated September 7th, 2015, by ExoticHatred, is one of the earliest examples of the scene being exploited as an internet meme, while the exact date of the first use of the reaction is uncertain  There was an initial appearance of the photo on Tineye in May 2015, however it has since been taken down.


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