How Old Was Papa Jim When He Died

How Old Was Papa Jim When He Died

Danny Duncan has come forward after Papa Jim’s death to upload a video to YouTube; however, we don’t know how old Papa Jim was at the time of his departure. All of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren spoke highly of Papa Jim.

Both his advise and his obsession with coke were universally well-received. Because of Danny, everyone could see what a positive person he truly was. Besides making regular appearances in the YouTuber’s videos, he was also a common fixture on the channel’s Instagram feed.

How Old Was Papa Jim When He Died

What Happened to Uncle Jim?

Papa Jim used to do stunts like quad biking and skinny dipping on Duncan’s immensely popular channel. But despite his resemblance to the YouTube star, he was actually just the granddad of Duncan’s assistant, David Tomchinsky.

Nobody knows who his wife and kids are. According to The Focus, online rumours claiming Papa Jim had died in 2021 led to a death fake.

Duncan, who has 6.51 million subscribers on YouTube, put an end to the speculations by posting an Instagram video in which he declared the senior to be “alive and well.”

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When Did Papa Jim Pass Away, And How Old Was He?

Papa Jim lived to be 92 years old before he died. It’s unclear what led to his death at this time. Although Danny shared the video with the world on May 21, he verified Papa Jim’s passing on May 12.

Danny had communicated the tragic news by uploading several photos of himself and Papa Jim to Instagram. Also, “thank you for all the laughs and priceless memories,” he said. If your name is Jim, you are my father.

The pictures were enough to let people remember Papa Jim’s joy, enthusiasm, and activity. He proved, without a doubt, that age is nothing but a number.

What Happened To Grandpa Jim?

The reason for Papa Jim’s death is a mystery. In a devastating Instagram post dated May 12, 2022, Duncan mournfully that his grandfather had passed away. He expressed gratitude in his post by saying, “Thank you for all the laughs and precious memories.” My heart belongs to you, Papa Jim.

At the end of his touching tribute, he called Jim the “Greatest of All Time” and included a goat emoji. There are photos of the pair riding a motorcycle and in a helicopter that Danny uploaded.

Thousands of comments praising the internet star may be found under Duncan’s initial post. “I’m sorry for your loss,” said George Janko, another YouTuber. Another cheerleader said, “Farewell, Papa Jim. Whenever I watch a Danny Duncan film, I feel great.

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On May 12, Danny’s announcement of Papa Jim’s death went viral. The homage comments resumed shortly after the YouTuber uploaded the video.

It’s not shocking that the tribute films caused people to cry, given that Papa Jim has over six million followers.

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Watch Danny Duncan’s New Video on YouTube

In a video named “RIP PAPA Jim,” which he posted on YouTube on May 21st, Danny expressed his sadness over the loss of his grandfather. The 8 minutes and 23 second clip perfectly documents his brief moments. A common catchphrase for Papa Jim is heard in the opening line of the video: “Where is my coke?”

As the film progressed, it was obvious that Papa Jim had a blast with the rest of the gang. They tried new things and made lasting experiences together. Surely Papa Jim knew the secret to making everyone happy.