How Many Bunkers Are At Whistling Straits

How Many Bunkers Are At Whistling Straits

The 97th PGA Championship will be held at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin, which includes 1,012 bunkers, according to Golf Digest architectural editor Ron Whitten. When Dye was questioned, he replied, “Oh, there’s around 1,000.” “They’re all over the place and never utilised.

They’re not there for anything else.” By utilising nearly 13,000 truckloads of sand, Dye created a course that disguised landing sites, made fairways appear narrower, and frightened golfers of all levels.

How Many Bunkers Are At Whistling Straits

“95 Percent Of Them Aren’t Even Close To Being In Play.

PGA Pro Omar Uresti responded, “No, no, no,” when asked whether he had ever seen a course with as many bunkers as this one. “95 percent of them, if not 99 percent of them, aren’t even close to being in play. It’s all about the look. It’s very scary from a visual standpoint.”

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It’s impossible to keep people out of every bunker during PGA events, thus golfers and spectators alike face extra difficulties during tournaments.

Golfers, on the other hand, may be confused as to whether they are genuinely playing from a bunker because of the presence of fans in the bunkers (the infamous Dustin Johnson bunker, for example).

If you’re Haven, then Whistling Straits appears to be as much sand as grass at first impression.

There are a remarkable number of bunkers to be found all throughout the place. Fairways, mounds, fescue rough, and greensides are covered in a thick blanket of fescue.

Do You Know How Many Bunkers There Are In Total?

That’s a question that’s been asked since since Pete Dye’s vision for the course was born on the shores of Lake Michigan in the form of man-made sand dunes. Officials at Kohler Co.

tried to count the bunkers on a blown-up aerial shot after the Straits opened, but they gave up. I couldn’t keep up with all of them.

“More than 1,000” became the accepted response to the inquiry. Writer Ron Whitten seems to have decisively solved the subject in Golf Digest magazine’s August edition. Whitten wrote that the Straits Course at Whistling Straits has 967 bunkers. For us, it’s clear, because we were the first ones to do it.

To Keep Track Of How Many Bunkers There Were.

Over two days in May, Whitten and a caddie, Bob Palm, spent 11 hours at the Straits. To keep track of how many bunkers there were, they used a lamp globe and hoe handle-made device.

Marks helped Whitten and his companions avoid retracing their steps in a field of bunkers, where they weren’t sure if they had already been.

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Give him a lot of credit for his ingenuity and dedication. Is the number he gave you correct? How many bunkers may be found in the Straits of Juan de Fuca?