How Did The Quick Change Artist On AGT Do It

How Did The Quick Change Artist On AGT Do It

Last night’s semifinals of America’s Got Talent featured a performance by French quick-change magician Léa Kyle, who is well-known for winning a golden buzzer for her audition performance. Is there any way to understand what she’s doing?

I’m Confused; Who is Léa Kyle?

Léa Kyle had a lightning-fast wardrobe swap. The 24-year-old acrobat hails from Bordeaux in southwestern France, where she developed an early interest in the art of magic.

How Did The Quick Change Artist On AGT Do It

She had a “epiphany” when she discovered the technique of quick-change, which enables her to indulge both her love of performing and her lifelong interest in sewing. She’s self-taught after enrolling in an intensive yearlong school in Haute Couture and creating each of her own costumes.

The judges were transfixed as Kyle changed from one dress to another in the blink of an eye during her performance. Howie Mandel made the following comment immediately following the show:

“We’ve seen quick shift performers on this show, but I’ve never seen one better than you. It’s like magic to watch the garment float down from the rack and onto you, and your presentation is exquisite.”

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Moreover, Judge Sofia Vergara Said

I can’t believe it! You seemed to be enjoying yourself immensely at the time. That’s a stunning piece of writing.

Simon Cowell, A Media Magnate, Praised

“I think when we see this kind of performance, there’s always two people normally in the act and the music is bad but this was like very very fantastic and you have amazing showmanship. You can’t even compare it to anything else; it was that good.

Lea Kyle, Heidi Klum said at the end of the night before she pressed the Golden Buzzer, was doing “genuine magic.”

It was also really impressed, saying that you were truly performing a miracle. That was fantastic, a perfect execution.

You know how much I love fashion, and I feel like we’ve never really had somebody who’s as amazing as you, so I feel like you should go right to the live shows.”

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Amid Tremendous Acclaim From the Audience, Heidi Klum Walked to the Stage to Congratulate A Very Emotional Lea Kyle.

The German model commented after the performance, “It’s vibrant and you gave us a wow moment.” Three out of the four judges applauded Kyle enthusiastically (only Simon Cowell stayed seated).

With nearly three times as many YouTube views as the next closest performer, Kyle has our highest hopes for the finals; all she needs now is for production to do their best to make sure her performances go off without a hitch.