Heidi Klum Didn’t Know She Accidentally Flashed ‘AGT’ Fans

Heidi Klum Didn't Know She Accidentally Flashed 'AGT' Fans

The 48-year-old woman succeeded Sharon Osbourne as a judge on the American talent programme in March 2013. She continued for seven years, through six seasons of the show, before announcing her resignation in February 2019.

After a short break, she joined Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara for Seasons 15 and 16. This week, one TikToker exposed a Season 16 faux pas she’ll never forget.

Heidi Klum Didn't Know She Accidentally Flashed 'AGT' Fans

Heidi Klum Posted a Hilarious TikTok Video to Instagram

On Tuesday (August 24), Heidi Klum posted a hilarious TikTok video to Instagram. Video of Heidi unintentionally flashing the AGT audience was posted to TikTok by user @bestfuninsf007.

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Heidi looks up from her phone for an instant and bends down to join Howie Mandel and Judge Sofia Vergara in a picture. However, her short dress has left her entire back end exposed, and she has no idea.

A viewer captured the footage at the first live show of Season 16 earlier this month. But Heidi had no idea about the mistake until just now. The former VS model isn’t afraid to bare all. While living on a yacht with her husband Tom Kaulitz this summer, she has been quite public about her bikini body.

The notoriously Halloween-obsessed diva is already talking about the frightening holiday now that Klum is back at work (wearing a variety of eye-catching ensembles, no matter the danger).

A video showing the judge flashing the crowd while attempting to take a picture with his or her colleagues judges was posted to TikTok by user @bestfuninsf007. On August 24th, the TikTok went viral and left viewers in tears of laughter.

She tried to join Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel for a photo, but Heidi Klum’s dress was too short, exposing her derriere.

Someone saw the large distance between the judges and remarked, “they look so much closer together on TV.” An interested user remarked, “I had no idea that the judge tables are so enormous.”

Someone other made a joke on Simon Cowell’s infamous “it’s a no from me” comment when he declined to participate in the selfie. It was also mentioned that Simon is “like the singing equivalent of Gordon Ramsey.”

Someone said they thought Klum looked like she was “wearing a feather duster,” referring to her dress for the evening.

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