Go Down Together The True Untold Story Of Bonnie And Clyde

Go Down Together The True Untold Story Of Bonnie And Clyde

Bestselling author Jeff Guinn tells the true story of two adolescents from a filthy Dallas slum who fell in love, and then willingly sacrificed their lives for a brief interlude of excitement and, more importantly, fame, in Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

The Barrow Gang committed its first theft in 1932, when most Americans were yearning for escapism and after experiencing the devastating effects of the Great Depression.

In a matter of days, the Barrow Gang members were as well-known as Charles Lindbergh, Jack Dempsey, and Babe Ruth thanks to newsreels.

Go Down Together The True Untold Story Of Bonnie And Clyde

The Most Incompetent Criminals In History

Real crime publications, and innovative wire services that distributed sensational images of Bonnie smoking a cigar to every newspaper in the country. The general people saw them as calm, cunning criminals who would heist banks and shoot police officers with equal frequency.

That was the furthest thing from the truth. It’s safe to say that Clyde and Bonnie were the most incompetent criminals in history, and that their two-year crime spree was as much a reign of error as it was of fear.

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They Were Always On The Run From The Cops.

The Barrow Gang didn’t have the brains to plan heists at major financial institutions, so they stuck to robbing local stores and gas stations instead. Even so, they frequently came up empty, forcing them to resort to breaking into gum machines to acquire the funds necessary to buy food.

Clyde amputated two of his toes in jail, while Bonnie was severely injured in a vehicle accident caused by Clyde’s irresponsible driving; both were left unable to walk. They were always on the run from the cops.

Their Love For One Another Was Genuine

So they camped out in their most recent stolen vehicle, took showers in nearby streams, and subsisted on canned cold beans and Vienna sausages. However, theirs was an honest romance. Their love for one another was genuine, just like their inflated status as criminal masterminds was fabricated.

True love, defiance of authority, gunfire, car crashes, and a spectacular climax at the hands of a famous lawman paid to track them down—Go Down Together has it all. We now have the true story of Bonnie and Clyde.

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Their troubled times told with cinematic sweep and unprecedented insight by a master storyteller, thanks in large part to the surviving Barrow and Parker family members and collectors of criminal memorabilia who gave Jeff Guinn access to material that had never before been published.