Former Jaguars HC Urban Meyers Tenure Worse Than Originally …

Former Jaguars HC Urban Meyers Tenure Worse Than Originally ...

Meyer’s term as head coach in Jacksonville was marked by incompetence and scandal. And The Athletic’s Jayson Jenks and Mike Sando recently went out to players and coaches who had direct contact with the ex-Ohio State head coach to get their impressions of working with him.

Former Jaguars HC Urban Meyers Tenure Worse Than Originally 

According to Sando and Jenks (subscription required), Meyer lied about his knowledge of the NFL and its top players when he claimed to have “conducted a six-month deep dive into the NFL.”

Former Jaguars HC Urban Meyers Tenure Worse Than Originally ...

Urban Meyer’s tenure as an NFL head coach lasted all of one season, and he later described his time with the Jacksonville Jaguars as the “worst experience” of his life in the workforce.

Meyer, who was let go by the Jaguars after a 2-11 start to the 2021 season, talked about his time in Jacksonville on OutKick’s Don’t @Me With Dan Dakich (h/t Steve Gardner, USA Today).

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The worst professional experience of my life, he stated. “What really got to me, and I almost don’t want to say that people accept it, is that after you lose a game, you simply keep on keeping on. Really, I would have conversations with myself. It’s corrosive to your whole psyche.”

He had a 2-11 record as a head coach after a successful collegiate career at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State. He was one of the best college football coaches ever, with a 187-32 record and three national titles.

In His Seven Years With Ohio State, He Suffered Nine Losses.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan was so enamoured with Urban Meyer that he failed to recognise all of Meyer’s weaknesses, but this is a classic sign of someone in a toxic relationship and an easy one to ignore.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk pointed out a while ago that when Khan approached Meyer, he was in the recruiting phase, not the hiring phase; instead of conducting a thorough background check, he was trying to persuade Meyer to become the team’s head coach. That should have raised red flags right off the off.

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Last Words

Unfortunately, the situation was not helped by the fact that Meyer was granted so much authority. The former Jaguars head coach regularly abused his power, but things might not have been as bad if a check-in-balance system had been in place.

It’s understandable if you look back and wonder what was going through Khan’s mind when he thought that employing Meyer would help the company cross the finish line.

Doug Pederson, the new coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, had a stunning fall from grace in Philadelphia after winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles, but he is still an improvement over Meyer and the chaos he caused in his brief NFL career.

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