Doesn t Look Like Anything To Me

Doesn t Look Like Anything To Me

This is a common phrase used by androids in the Westworld TV series when they are prevented to recognise or understand something that could lead them into the conclusion that their artificiality.

What does this term signify to me as a non-native English speaker? My best estimate is that “it’s some bullshit that isn’t worth your time,” but because of Westworld’s popularity, I’m unable to find any other examples. I’d appreciate it if someone could provide some light on this.

Doesn t Look Like Anything To Me

Archie Battersbee was taken off life Support, But why?

A 12-year-old kid who was removed from life support following a failed court attempt to prevent it appears to have received an excessive amount of media attention.

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My understanding is that Archie had been brain dead for a long time and that his support systems were basically keeping him humming throughout the years.

It’s understandable that anyone would be horrified by this experience, so why is it getting so much attention from the media? I’ve heard rumours about his mother’s influence as well. Whether or not she is to blame for his current state of affairs, is it possible that she had an impact?

People Attempting The Perilous Passage.

What’s the matter with people attempting the perilous passage of the English Channel from France? Migrants, as I understand it, are often fleeing poverty and danger in their own countries. They travel to Europe in search of a better future.

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Final Words

It’s a safe and prosperous country for migrants to arrive in when they arrive in France. Asylum can be sought in France. That being the case, why do people take the risk of crossing the English Channel to reach the United Kingdom?