How To Fix “Discord Javascript Error”

Discord Javascript Error

You may see the “A JavaScript problem occurred in the main process” error when attempting to launch Discord. The error message box will typically provide a number of pieces of information related to the mistake, but regular users will have a hard time deciphering them.

Methgod 1: Remove %AppData% and %LocalAppData% from Discord.

Removing these directories should restore defaults for Discord and, hopefully, fix the JS problem that’s preventing you from launching the app. Users have claimed that following the procedures initially recommended on the Discord website to fix a separate issue has helped them fix the current one.

Discord Javascript Error

  1. To go there, launch Windows Explorer and then click This Computer.


  1. If you can’t find the AppData folder, you might not have the option enabled to see hidden files and folders. Make sure the “Hidden objects” checkbox is selected in the Show/hide section of the “View” tab in File Explorer’s menu. In this case, File Explorer will display the hidden files and keep doing so until you alter the setting again.
  2. It’s recommended that you remove the AppData folder containing Discord. You can try closing Spotify and terminating its process in Task Manager if you get a notice claiming that you can’t delete some files because they’re in use.
  3. To open the Run dialogue box, you can either click the Start button, utilise the search bar to the right of the Start button, and type “Run,” or press the Windows Key plus R. Simply enter “%localappdata%” and press the key.
  4. When the folder opens, look for the Discord folder inside it, right-click it, and select the Delete option.
  5. Verify that all files and folders have been removed from the system. Find out if the Discord error persists after you’ve restarted your machine.

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Method 2: In Order to Alter How the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service starts, You Must Go Into the Services And Applications Manager.

To fix the JavaScript issue, many people have found that switching the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service from Manual to Automatic helps.

They also said that the technique worked for fixing the JavaScript problem in programmes apart from Discord. To fix the issue, please do as instructed below.

  1. Simply simply pressing the Windows key and the letter R at the same time, you can launch the Run command prompt. To access the Services tool, open a new window, type “services.msc” without the quotation marks, and then click OK.
  2. To change the settings for the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service, right-click it and select Properties from the menu that displays.
  3. If the service is already running, as you can see by looking at the little checkbox next to the Service status message, you can shut it down by clicking the Stop button in the centre of the window. All the same, start it up again.
  4. Be sure that Automatic is selected in the Startup type menu of the service’s properties window. If a dialogue box appears when you try to switch the startup mode, confirm it.

The following warning may appear after you select the Start button:

“Windows could not start the service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process.”

Should this occur, please refer to the solutions provided below.

  1. To access the service’s settings, simply repeat steps 1-3 from the preceding section. Choose the Log On menu and then the Browse… option.
  2. Just enter your account’s name in the corresponding text field, then hit the Check Names button and wait for it to become available.
  3. If a password was set up, enter it in the Password field and then click OK when prompted. This time, it shouldn’t have any problems starting up!

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Method 3: Start Discord without being Logged in as an Administrator.

While not logged in with the administrator account, some users have found that the software functions normally. This suggests that the tool’s underlying issue is related to the administrator’s access levels.

Some users have reported that the issue was fixed once they ran Discord without the elevated privileges normally granted to the programme.

  1. Choose the Discord executable, right-click it in the Desktop, Start menu, or Search results window, and select Properties to modify its settings. On the Properties window, select the Compatibility tab and deselect the box next to Launch this programme as an administrator.
  2. After making these modifications, Discord will run normally without the need for admin rights going forward; just make sure to confirm any confirmation dialogues that may display. You can double-click its icon to launch it and see if the problem persists.