Best Social Media Reactions From Ous 55-48 Win Over Texas

Best Social Media Reactions From Ous 55-48 Win Over Texas

In the 117th meeting of these two fierce rivals, the Oklahoma Sooners defeated the Texas Longhorns after coming back from a 21-point deficit.

While Texas’ Casey Thompson, Bijan Robinson, and Xavier Worthy put on a display, the Oklahoma Sooners’ defence battled in the first half before settling in and earning stops in the second.

Best Social Media Reactions From Ous 55-48 Win Over Texas

Williams Led the Team to a 38-13 Victory Over Texas

Spencer Rattler was replaced by Caleb Williams after the Sooners committed some costly turnovers, and Williams led the team to a 38-13 victory over Texas. With over 200 yards on the ground, Kennedy Brooks had a great game, and Marvin Mims was “marvellous” in tormenting the Longhorns for big plays of his own.

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Kennedy Brooks had a fantastic game, rushing for almost 200 yards, and Marvin Mims was “marvellous” as he made several tremendous plays of his own against the Longhorns. These two batters tore the Longhorns apart for long scoring drives.

The trip was as exciting as any Red River Showdown, and the game itself will remain vivid in the minds of both the players and the spectators for the rest of their lives.

A Warmer Perspective:

State of Texas and Oklahoma combined Kennedy Brooks runs for so many yards on every play, you’ve had to account for that. The Cotton Bowl split at the 50-yard line is one of the best things in sports, but it would be much better if crimson and burnt orange were more easily distinguishable.

I just had this conversation with Marvin and the rest of the guys about how they’re leaving guys one-on-one down the field and how, ultimately, we’re just letting guys go and make plays. I’m relieved that we were able to carry it out.

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