Armed Standoff at Door of House Floor

Armed Standoff at Door of House Floor

There was a standoff on Wednesday between Trump supporters and Capitol police, who closed the door to the House chamber and pulled their firearms.

Several images depicted police and security personnel with their weapons trained on the entrance. It was unclear what kind of threat was being posed by protesters outside.

Tear gas was released in the rotunda, and lawmakers, workers, and reporters were urged to flee the chamber and shelter in place.

Armed Standoff at Door of House Floor

US President Donald Trump

While addressing a crowd of supporters on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump made his futile case for overturning the election, inflaming the passions of the mob that rushed the Capitol and disrupted President-elect Joe Biden’s confirmation.

On Wednesday, tense coverage of Trump supporters storming the US Capitol played out on national television and social media.

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Images of armed guards on the House floor, scuffles in the Capitol Rotunda, and rioters breaking windows and rushing into the building as leaders of the nation convened to count votes and confirm Joe Biden’s election as vice president shocked the nation.

Trump asked his lawyers to retrieve “my records” from federal law enforcement multiple times in the weeks following the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Two sources told Rolling Stone that Trump wasn’t just talking to the pile of attorney-client material he claims was seized by the feds during the raid.

Trump has long claimed that any and all government records are “mine,” and the former president has been asking that his team figure out a method to get his hands on them.

Despite the attack from last month, no power has really made it obvious that he is not a temporarily usurped monarch, and so he continues to act as though he is.

A citizen was shot, and the D.C. police chief later announced that she had died from her wounds. When things got out of hand in the Capitol, the D.C. National Guard was called in to aid restore order and remove the rioters.

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Last Words

Lawmakers, workers, and media had to take refuge behind desks, chairs, and in offices as pro-Trump insurrectionists overran the government, spreading the same false narrative as the outgoing president that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen.