A Bride Collapsed And Died at Her Wedding

A Bride Collapsed And Died at Her Wedding

The bride at an Indian wedding tragically passed away before the ceremony was finished. Even though the original bride’s body was in another room, the groom went ahead and married her younger sister on the same day.

Samaspur is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, and the incident occurred there on May 27. The happy couple, Surabhi and Mangesh Kumar, both hail from the neighbouring village of Nawli.

A Bride Collapsed And Died at Her Wedding

At the jaimala, a ceremonial flower garlands exchange, Surabhi fainted onstage. a doctor went to her aid but ultimately ruled that she had died of a heart attack.

Although with a new wife, the celebrations continued that day. Nisha, Surabhi’s younger sister, stepped in as the bride while her body was being prepared in another room.

“We were at a loss for what to do. My family and the groom’s family sat down together and discussed the possibility of my younger sister Nisha marrying the groom “Saurabh, Surbhi’s older brother, recently spoke to TV9, a local news station.

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In India, Arranged Marriages are Quite Popular

Professor of sociology at Delhi University Kamei Aphun told the South China Morning Post, “Most Indian marriages are planned between families, not girl and boy, whose consent is rarely considered into the equation.”

She may have died after ingesting a deadly chemical, say doctors at the private hospital where she was treated, which has been reported to the PM Palem police. The girl reportedly complained of stomach trouble in the morning and was taken to the hospital, where she received treatment.

The police have stated that the postmortem report is required before any conclusions can be drawn. Currently, there is a case open with the PM Palem Police Department. We are continuing our research.

On May 11, hours before his wedding, Dinesh, a 28-year-old groom-to-be, reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself at his home in Malkapuram, the city.

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Singh remarked, “We have never seen such mixed feelings.” The wedding joy and the loss of her had not yet set in.

Another impromptu wedding replacement made headlines in India, this time in the span of a few weeks. This past May, a groom ran off during the wedding ceremony in the town of Maharajpur, Uttar Pradesh, prompting the bride to marry a guest of the groom’s family. The family of the bride decided on a new groom after looking at the group of potential suitors.

According to the FIR, Srijana took medicines for three days leading up to the May 8 sangeet function in order to postpone the onset of her period. At the same time, authorities discovered dangerous fruit seeds in Srijana’s bag.

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Last Words

It has been speculated that the bride ingested the poisonous seeds, but the bride’s parents have maintained that the marriage was prearranged with her full knowledge and approval. Srijana’s acquaintances also vouched for her agreement to the union.

According to ACP Srinivas, the body has been taken to KGH for a postmortem, and once the report is in, the exact cause of death will be known.