90 Day Fiance Clip Shows Ep. 6 – Friendly Advice

90 Day Fiance Clip Shows Ep. 6 - Friendly Advice

Sherlon considers today to be his lucky day. The Jamaican man finally gets to meet his son in a preview for Friday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise.

Sherlon is seen in this exclusive clip from PEOPLE waiting for his American girlfriend Aryanna and their newborn son Odin.

90 Day Fiance Clip Shows Ep. 6 - Friendly Advice

In other words, “I’ve always wanted a son, and today’s the day he’s going to be here,” Sherlon says. “The control over him is coming to me. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll recognise this voice and this face and think, “I know this person.””

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90 Day Engagement Ring Bearer Bilal Surprises Future Wife Shaeeda

90 Day Engagement ring bearer Bilal surprises future wife Shaeeda with a prenuptial agreement discussion that “definitely backfired.”

Seeing Aryanna enter the compound, Sherlon rushes to greet her. He scoops up Odin from his stroller and cuddles the baby.

When Sherlon meets Odin for the first time, he is smitten at first sight. “I’ve never been happier as I am right now. Odin is the central figure.” Odin cries when he first meets Sherlon, but Aryanna reassures him that this is quite natural.

Aryanna reveals, “Odin feels a little unhappy because it’s like he’s meeting a stranger.” Even yet, it’s a touching sight to see Sherlon show his son affection for the first time.

There’s a good chance that the couples on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? won’t actually end up living happily ever after.

The TLC reality series, which has spawned 20 spin-offs, focuses on different couples, each of which consists of an American and a foreigner, who are involved in a long-distance relationship.

When they’re ready to take things seriously, the foreign partner can relocate to the United States on a K-1 visa, but they have to get married within 90 days or the visa will expire.

After the pair ties the knot, things take an unexpected turn when one member of the relationship must adapt to life in a foreign nation while the other must learn to live with someone they hardly knew before the wedding.

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Last Words

We’ll just say that the honeymoon period doesn’t last forever. As you’ll see in this sneak peek from the first episode of the sixth season of The Couples Tell All reunion special, that’s painfully obvious.

Watch the above preview to see Yara, who is unhappy in New Orleans and has threatened to take her kid Mylah back to Ukraine, while her immature, strip club-loving husband Jovi watches on.